This is us - meet the team

jennilee - owner & lead photographer

My dream was never to be a full-time photographer. I actually wanted to be many other things, like a Pastor, flight attendant, travel agent & hairstylist. I love people so seeing the JOY, LAUGHTER & EMOTION that can be sealed in time through an image makes my heart explode! This photo-adventure became real in 2015 when capturing weddings became full-time. It's a blessing to be surrounded by SIX other artists who GET the depth of what SELAH is all about. They keep me grounded and are always inspiring me to achieve greatness to my fullest potential. At my core, I have this desire for every client that comes our way to walk away feeling like they are part of our family. THE SELAH FAMILY! Come journey with us as we share LOVE with the world!


  • Jesus
  • a wife to Darin 
  • a pug mama #sotapug
  • Starbucks is an addiction
  • Laughing... I love to laugh
  • Country music is my jam - although Avicii will forever be in my heart
  • Love tattoos.. I have 7
  • I dream of owning a jet one day #beachdayeveryday
  • Hockey season is the best season
  • Disney is just a flight away

carly keats oswald - lead family photographer

I love capturing people. I have been taking pictures throughout my entire life. I have many memories of being 12 years old and carrying my DSLR around everywhere I went. My friends were often my guinea pigs and we would do photoshoots just about every weekend. After the birth of my son, I found myself picking up my camera again as I wanted to capture everything. The big moments of life and everything in between. I would love to capture you + the one(s) you love. Celebrating the big and small moments of life. I'm so grateful you're here and to be a part of the Selah team!

⁃ I love Jesus

⁃ I’m a mama to my baby boy Arlo

⁃ I married my preschool sweetheart (yes, you read that right!)

⁃ Always in the mood for food

⁃ Homebody through & through

⁃ Documenting motherhood is my favorite

owen - lead videographer

My passion is storytelling. Ever since I was a small child I've had a knack for creating stories and have been doing it in some form or another ever since. Nowadays my means of expression revolves around videography. This has given me the opportunity to meet some incredible people and experience the most important day of their lives with them. I couldn't be more humbled and honored to take part in telling their story and I hope to have the good fortune of telling yours!

  • Trusting in God's steady hand
  • Blessed with a beautiful wife and loyal dog
  • Total comic book nerd
  • Love the outdoors (spiders, sap, pine needles and all!)
  • I also love to cook

katelyn - photo associate

I love being part of the Selah team! It's an absolute honor to capture memorable and meaningful moments. Photography started as a passion project years ago and then I had the opportunity to join Selah Reflections in 2016.

  • I married my best friend! #wifelife
  • My happy place… in the B-E-A-U-tiful Rocky Mountains.
  • Having fun, staying active and adventurous keeps me going.
  • OK, my dog is the best but I also have a really cute cat.
  • I can't wait to explore more of the world… someday on Jennilee's private jet!
  • and Starbucks is also my addiction.​

shay - photo associate

From a young age, I have respected and admired the art of photography. In recent years I fell in love with the layers that it has to offer. Being able to express my love for photo steams from a place of gratitude, letting others see the authentic connection of love is something so powerful and real. It is the force behind my desire to capture a moment in time. Captivating some of the most beautiful memories life has to offer is a precious gift. It is an honour getting to be apart of that process, one that will last forever.

  • Fell in love with Jesus at 13 years old
  • Hockey is the best sport, love the oilers
  • Warm tea is home in my heart
  •  I' de say donuts are always a good idea
  •  Card games are the best way to pass time, Monopoly deal is my go too.

tom - photo & video associate

I have grown to love visual stories over the past decade. My favourite moments are candid, you can capture someone's true character when they are not aware of your presence. This art is my deepest form of expression where the essence of a person, or even a valuable memory, can be frozen with a click. 


  • I love learning, Lego & old Land Rovers.
  • I’m a sponge for tons of useless and some not-so-useless information.
  • I’ve been lucky enough to have seen a lot of the world.
  • I love old Disney movies from my childhood, they don’t make ‘em like that anymore!
  • Family is irreplaceable, memories are priceless and time is a blessing.