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Going into my daughters wedding planning, never did we think about what we could and would be up against. A world pandemic! In a matter of 2 weeks we laughed joking imagine if this affected your wedding, to crying because all plans had to change, to racing the 3pm news brief in the final few days hoping limits didn’t go below 15. We went from a 200 person wedding in a big beautiful venue on April 25th to a wedding of 15 on April 4th in my sisters living room! But let me say this, your pictures captured real beauty and true love! I can see why Mackenzie and Cadon chose you to be their photographer for this day. Every photo taken shows who my daughter is. I can see it in the smallest details. I can see the love Cadon has for her and it makes me smile so big! In the end their day turned out to be absolutely perfect. I actually don’t even think about what could have been anymore. Our family and friends have commented that your photos (and video) made them feel like they were right there with them. What a gift you have given us. Thank you ❤️